Thursday, 24 February 2011

Fashion is as Fashion does; Spring into Derhy.

Dare I  utter the word? Is there fear of me jinxing it? It really has made me awfully excited though; Finally, after what seems like an eternity of darkness, much to my astonishment, uninterrupted blue skies and sunshine filled my day today! Does this possibly mean spring is waiting around the corner? Edging slowly forward, popping his head up, just enough for us to have a wonderful little taster of what is promised to appear in all its glory? I for one am hoping so with all my hope and crossed fingers.

Change is all around us - as colder months come and go, the days steadily get longer and the melting snow washes away our winter blues – it is now that people turn to the fashion gods for inspiration, ‘pick-me-ups’ and a fresh take on things. We wave goodbye to the deep Christmas colours we’ve been hibernating in and shed our skins of the heavy knits we’ve been hiding under in place of something fresh, new and crisp. Yes! Along with this rise in temperature, though it may only be marginal, comes a chance for us to experiment with some much needed new threads! The time has finally come to welcome, with open arms, the anticipated Spring Summer 2011 lines!

Feed your eyes. I love this.


Friday, 18 February 2011