Thursday, 2 June 2011

Just a little note....


Or face the consequences, love!

Mad about the Monokini

The lovely blue sky has made another appearance and the sun has dared to peek through the fluffy clouds. Yes, its that time of year again! Everyone is going on a fitness frenzy, preparing to bare all (or some) on the beach!  We have shifted direction and waved goodbye to the over used two-piece bikini, grown tired of the conventional one-piece and instead skip towards the monokini!  

I, for one, am very excited and embracing the 'cut out' with open arms! So thank you Rudi Gernreich, in 1964 a strike of genious (or maybe boredom?) , led you to snipping up the standard swimsuit! Controversial? I prefer the term fun! 

Straps, chains, strings, you name it, they've got it! There is almost too much to choose from!  

Pistols by Pistol Panties Stripe Bandeau Cut-Out Swimsuit

Available at ASOS.COM