Friday, 11 November 2011

A night out in Edinburgh. Music, mates & mayhem.

     A last minute stroll down to Electric Circus. What better way to spend a Wednesday night in Edinburgh, in order to indulge on the fresh and exciting sounds of four talented young lads; Bwani Junction.

     Vibrant both inside and out, Electric Circus is a gem of a venue hidden away on Market Street, in central Edinburgh. Bursting with energy, screaming ‘lets have a crazy night’, yet also somehow completely complaisant. The contemporary décor, great club space and fantastic bar leave no room for anything but a superb night. Not quite content with listening to music? Scuttle off with your bandies to one of the private karaoke rooms, there’s no fear of waking the neighbours in there!

     Bwani Junction played a lively, energetic, intimate set. You just can’t help but bob your head and tap your feet. The up-beat yet mellow guitar mixed with bustling, buzzing beats creates the perfect concoction, with the added bonus of carefully crafted lyrics. In particular, ‘She Aint Sayin' No’ could, without doubt, stir even the stiffest of souls.

     I left utterly content and rather excited about the anticipated first album release; at Avalanche records on the Grassmarket. 

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