Thursday, 27 September 2012

interview; a sneaky peek into the brains behind Totty Rocks

Fashion Design; The Foundations
    At what point does a design embark on life in the form of ‘fashion’? At what point does fashion become style? But then ultimately, when does style merge into ones personality? Does it ever?
     In a society ruled by the media and our unhealthy obsession with celebrity style, it’s a miracle we don’t all step outside wearing identical outfits. It is here that we, as avid fashion followers, place our unprecedented trust into the skilful hands of the fashion gods; our favourite designers.
     A garment is not just cloth and thread. It is very much a tangible object which can tell a thousand stories, or indeed trick a thousand people. Though maybe mass produced, it is unique to each body it finds itself upon. The very foundations of your most loved piece are a million miles away from the crafted item you now wear.
     Determined to delve deep amongst the fibres of fashions foundations, I decided to get a professionals point of view: I took a wonder down to Totty Rocks, a fabulous independent designer boutique in the heart of Edinburgh.
Who? Holly Mitchel, co-owner and designer.
What did you study? Fashion BA hons and postgraduate at Edinburgh College of Art.
What’s your favourite current piece? The Commander Coat. Made in vintage cloth from a mill in the borders. We only had 30m, so this piece is very limited and somewhat special to me.
How long did it take to construct? One full day.
What was your inspiration behind the Commander Coat? We actually took all our inspiration from 1940’s Nazi war uniform, believe it or not! We drew a lot of initial inspiration from Inglourious Basterds [2009 film]. The cut’s used in the soldiers uniforms from this time are very close to the body, a very feminine shape. And of course the military fastenings, this is a main focal point to the coat. To add more shape, difference and femininity we literally took scissors to the hem-lines and creates shape and movement.  
If you could have anyone in the world model this piece for you, who would it be and where? Florence Welch, in a street in Berlin.
Someone who inspires you? Barbara Hulanicki.

interview: sarah webster

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