Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Peruvian Connection A/W 2011

Luxurious alpaca mixed with the beautiful and mysterious designs from far away in Peru. I found the whole collection to be quite magical, an inspiring collaboration. Full of intricate detail, fascinating prints and of course the classics we love. 

Chamonix Cardigan

Timberland Trench
Timberland Trench : More than ready to combat the elements. 

Cabled Alpaca Kurta
Cabled Alpaca Kurta : Keep out the cold in style. Love the texture.

Sterling Signet Ring
Sterling Signet Ring : Simple yet very effective.

Heart this. 


  1. I didn't know there was a peruvian connection just like the French Connection brand :-)
    great post
    keep up the wonderful work you are doing here
    come and say hi
    Always Following&Commenting
    The Dolls Factory

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes, its a fab brand, really different and just full of loveliness!!

  3. When i first read the title, i thought it was some kind of Perusian Fashion Show. Lol
    It's great stuff!!

    The-Bel (Fashion Blog, Clothing Online, Street Style)

  4. :) haha, no no, just a rather fabulous collection!

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